Are These Common Problems Harming Your Lawn?

As a homeowner, you probably take pride in how your lawn looks. When people drive by your home, you want them to see a beautiful green yard that looks healthy and thriving, not patchy, brown and dry. Unfortunately, it can be quite tricky to get your lawn looking green and healthy, especially if you find yourself struggling with the same problems again and again. 

The expert team at Pinestraw Place – Landscape Supply can help you identify the problems you are encountering with your yard and improve the overall look and health of your lawn. Some of the most common problems South Carolina homeowners experience with their lawns include:

  • Dandelion growth – This is a fast-growing weed that attracts bees due to its pretty flower. However, they are a nuisance, and they can keep healthy grass from growing.
  • Compacted soil – Compacted soil is tightly packed, which is a prime environment for weeds to grow, but an aerator can help with this problem.
  • White grubs and insects – Grubs can attract animals and cause them to dig in your yard, and they can also turn your lawn yellow. It is possible to treat this effectively without poison.
  • Moles – Moles are burrowing animals that can create ridges in your lawn and cause damage to grass roots. There are various options for keeping moles away.
  • Diseases and mold – There are different diseases and types of mold that could be affecting the health of your lawn, and there are various treatment options that can allow your yard to thrive again.

If your lawn is not looking as healthy as you would like, we can help. Our landscape professionals at Pinestraw Place – Landscape Design can evaluate your lawn and determine the issue. We can also assist with solutions to your current lawn concerns and other landscape issues you are currently facing as well. Contact our South Carolina lawn and landscaping company today for an assessment of your unique situation. 

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