Can You Grow Fruit Trees In Your South Carolina Yard?

Every homeowner has different goals for what he or she wants from their property’s overall landscape design plan. You may want to focus solely on the aesthetics of your yard, choosing elements that are visually appealing, low maintenance and long-lasting. However, you may also want to incorporate other elements, such as fruit trees, that will allow you to grow some of your own food. As you consider what types of trees will thrive in your hard, there are many different factors that could affect the type of fruit that will grow best on your property.

As you are considering the fruit trees that may grow best in your yard, the first area of consideration will be the zone in which you live. The right choice of fruit trees will depend on elements such as annual rainfall, average temperatures, type of soil and more. The four main zones or geographic regions in the state are mountain, coastal plain, sand hills and ridge, and piedmont. If you plant a tree unsuitable for the area where you live, it may not produce fruit.

Apple trees need temperatures to drop to a certain point in order to successfully grow fruit. This can be difficult in a state where many areas have warm or mild temperatures year-round. However, some varieties may succeed regardless of where you live in the state, including red delicious, golden delicious and Yates apples. Examples of other fruit trees you may be able to grow in your South Carolina yard include peaches, persimmons, plums, figs and more. 

At Pinestraw Place – Landscape Design, our experienced team can help you make the best possible design choices for your yard. If you want to incorporate fruit trees into your yard, we can help you make selections that will be most likely to thrive on your property. To learn more about the services we provide and the ways we can assist you, contact our experienced team to make an appointment.

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