Creative Landscape Ideas

Landscaping is the final touch on the overall exterior look of your home. You want to choose elements that accentuate the appearance of your house, yet you also want to base your choices on what will grow best in your yard. At Pinestraw Place – Landscape Design, we can design a landscape plan that will be beautiful and practical by implementing native plants and creative elements. The end design will be unique and visually appealing, adding to the overall value of your home. 

The best landscape design for your home depends on various factors that include the incline of your yard, the amount of natural light your yard gets during the day and the specific area where your home is located. Our expert team can carefully evaluate your yard and seek an understanding of your goals. Some of the creative elements we may use in our design plan include:

  • Pathways in your yard connecting high traffic areas in an appealing manner
  • Including interesting elements, such as stones for stairs or to outline flower beds
  • Layering shrubs and plants to give height, depth and interest to your flower beds
  • Planting evergreen plants and trees that will add beauty even during the fall and winter
  • Implementing structural elements to give dimension and visual appeal
  • Using a variety of plants and flowers that will bloom at the right time and add color
  • Using Windsor walls and other types of walls to add height and plant beds on inclines

Our landscape design team understands how important it is to choose elements and plants that will thrive in your specific yard while still creating a big impact. We take into consideration your soil, the lighting in your yard, the types of plants already on your property and the exterior finishes of your home. We employ our expertise and experience in landscape design to create a low-maintenance and beautiful final result that you will enjoy for years to come. 

Contact our South Carolina landscaping company today to discuss your specific project with a knowledgeable member of our team. We are locally owned and operated, providing professional landscaping services and supplies to deliver high-quality results to each of our clients.

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