Functional Landscaping For Your Yard

One of the primary goals for any landscaping design scheme is a final overall look that is visually appealing and suitably cohesive with the external look of your home. At Pinestraw Place – Landscape Supply, we understand how important it is to achieve a final look that is beautiful while also functioning well for your specific yard. When we design your landscaping plan, we will take into account everything from preferred color schemes to the amount of natural light you get in your yard in order to create a final look that is beautiful and sustainable long-term.

A functional landscape plan

There is no one-size-fits-all landscape design plan. When we create your landscape design scheme, we will carefully evaluate your goals, the look of the exterior of your house, the soil type you have in your yard and what plants thrive best in your yard. In functional landscaping, the following are important:

  • The incorporation of shade trees in order to provide relief from the sun on your house can possibly lower energy costs.
  • Using windbreaks and retaining walls can shelter plants and prevent soil erosion.
  • The use of certain shrubs and plants can provide privacy and create a natural, visually appealing fence or barrier for your yard
  • Using certain irrigation systems and techniques can lower water waste, save money and keep your yard healthy.

The point of designing a functional landscaping plan is that it functions well for you, your family and your unique yard.

Work with the experts

Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction. Contact Pinestraw Place – Landscape Supply to make an appointment to work with an experienced member of our team. Our years of experience serving South Carolina homeowners allows us to create landscape design plans that are functional and appealing. When you meet with our team to discuss your goals, you will learn more about how we provide personal service and exceptional, high-quality final results for each project. 

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