Getting Started With Your Landscaping Design Plan

Landscaping can be a daunting project for those who do not have much experience in lawncare, plant maintenance, and other elements of creating and caring for a yard in South Carolina. Starting from scratch on a landscape design plan is particularly challenging, as you may not know where to start or how you make selections that will work for your yard and budget. This is why it is helpful to have the support of an experienced team at every step. Pinestraw Place – Landscape Design can help.

When creating a landscape design plan from scratch, it is important to start by carefully evaluating the yard. How big is the yard, and how much light does it get? Do you want to keep the mature trees on your lot? Is your home on a slope, or is it naturally shaded? These questions allow us to understand your objectives and what steps are necessary to create the yard of your dreams. 

We will also need an understanding of certain things, such as the location of utility lines, the boundaries of your property, septic tanks, wells and any other critical factors that could affect the final design scheme. After this, our experienced team can help you create a wish list of things you want to see in your yard. Our goal is to help your landscaping dreams come true while staying within your budget.

The best place to start with creating your desired landscape design plan is to schedule a meeting with a member of our team. Pinestraw Place – Landscape Design serves clients in Lexington and throughout the surrounding areas of South Carolina. Our team has the knowledgeable and experience necessary to help you create the yard of your dreams, whether you are revamping your current landscaping or you are starting from scratch on a brand new lot. 

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