Hardscaping And Landscaping: What’s The Difference?

Making decisions about how to design and improve your yard can be difficult. How can you know which selections and choices will work best for your property and your goals? One way you can ensure your yard is the best it can be is to work with a professional team, such as the one at Pinestraw Place – Landscape Supply. Another helpful step is to become familiar with the terms you may encounter as you begin a landscaping project.

Two words you will hear often as you begin to make your landscaping plans come to life are landscaping and hardscaping. Both of these are important as you work with your landscaping team to create and execute your vision for your yard. 

What is hardscaping?

Hardscaping refers to all of the physical material you will need for your project. These materials are used to create a functional space, such as rocks that will outline your flower beds, a fountain, or other objects used to create detail and depth in your landscape design. Hardscaping can also refer to creating an overall plan using hard materials, such as gravel, rocks or sand. Hardscape pieces may need cleaning, replacement or maintenance over time.

What is landscaping?

Landscaping refers to the use of any natural element to create a visually appealing landscaping design plan. Plants, trees, flowers, shrubs and bushes are all landscaping elements, and they can be used creatively to lead to an end result that is beautiful and sustainable long-term. It is important to make landscaping choices that will thrive in your yard based on soil composition, natural light, the amount of shade and more. 

Create the yard of your dreams

With the help of our experienced team, you can create the yard of your dreams. Our professional landscape design team can help you implement both hardscape and natural elements in a way that will make your yard function perfectly for your family’s needs while also offering visual appeal. 

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