How To Get Your Yard Ready For Cooler Temperatures

While it may not seem like it now, colder weather is just around the corner for South Carolina. As you think about how nice it will be to experience a break from the heat and humidity, you may also want to consider how you can start preparing your yard for changes in weather you will experience soon. Preparing your lawn and landscaping for potentially colder temperatures can protect your investment and lay the groundwork for a beautiful yard all year long. 

One reason you may be ready for cooler weather is less-frequent lawn mowing. Although the growth of grass slows during this time of year, there are still things you should be doing to preserve your plants and ensure that everything is ready for cold snaps, freezes, less rainfall and other changes brought by the winter months. Some things you can do to get your yard ready for winter include:

  • Mow the grass, but don’t cut it too short, as this could be harmful if you get snow.
  • Check your sprinkler system, drain it and take steps to winterize it.
  • When leaves fall, rake them away from your flower beds, and clear debris.
  • Remove dead limbs and branches, and prune your perennials.
  • Fertilize your grass before winter, as this can ensure it comes back green in the spring.
  • Pull up annual plants and flowers, and remove anything that is not cold-hardy.
  • Put mulch around the bases of trees and shrubbery.

Of course, the things you should be doing to get your yard ready for winter depend on your specific yard, the types of plans you have and other factors. The experienced team at Pinestraw Place is ready to get your yard ready for any changes ahead. Call us for landscaping services of any kind, including prepping your yard for fall and winter. 

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