Improve the Value of Your Home Through Landscaping

If you are considering selling your South Carolina home in the near future, you are likely starting to make preparations to do so. You may be cleaning your house, making repairs to minor flaws and taking pictures to include in the listing. As you prepare, your focus is on what you can do to impress potential buyers and get the most money you can from the sale of your home. During this process, it is important not to overlook the use of landscaping to add value to your property.

Landscaping and the overall look of your yard will be the first impression buyers have of your home. From the moment they pull into your driveway, the way the outside of your home looks will have a significant impact on how they will think about your home and any offer they may make. The following are potential “turn-offs” that could affect your home’s value:

  • Invasive plants, dead shrubs or any plant that does not look healthy
  • Elaborate features and structures that look unnatural or distracting
  • Large trees that are too close to the home, presenting a hazard
  • Spots in the grass that may be damaged or yellowed from your pets
  • Dead grass or evidence of a poorly maintained lawn
  • High maintenance landscaping that will take a lot of time and money to maintain
  • Obvious problems with drainage
  • Lack of color or visual appeal in the yard

These are all things that could affect how a buyer views your home. You could have the most beautiful home on the inside, but a poorly landscaped, messy or distracting exterior can cause you to lose a sale. 

At Pinestraw Place – Landscape Supply, we help South Carolina homeowners improve and protect the value of their home through beneficial landscaping choices. Our team can help you make choices that will increase the appeal of your home, something that is important if you are considering listing your property on the market in the near future.

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