Incorporating Water Features Into Your Landscape Design

As a homeowner, you want your home to be practically functional for your family’s needs as well as visually appealing. This is a standard you have for the interior of your home, but it also carries to the exterior of your home as well. In addition to outdoor paint colors and other exterior features, you will want a landscape design plan that beautifies every area of your property. When creating a landscape design strategy, you may want to consider unique details that will set your yard apart, such as water features.

Water features vary widely, and when choosing these details, you will want to consider size, function, cost and more. At Pinestraw Place – Landscape Supply, our team can help you create a landscape plan that suits your needs while adding to the aesthetic value of your home. Some of the water features you may want to consider include:

  • Ponds – These water features have a more natural look, and you may feature water lilies and other plants in your pond.
  • Fountains – Fountains recycle water, allowing you to have the visual and auditory appeal of moving water in your yard. Fountains can be standalone or incorporated into plant beds or other areas.
  • Wells – You can include a functional or decorative well into your landscape design, perhaps using it in conjunction with other natural features in your yard, such as a stream.
  • Pool – A pool is a major element you may choose as part of your outdoor design, and we can ensure that your landscaping works well with your pool plan and aesthetic goals.

We can help you choose water features that will work well in your unique yard and as part of your unique landscape design plan. If you would like to discuss this option or other landscaping concerns with our team, contact our office to make an appointment. Our South Carolina outdoor design and landscaping team is dedicated to the needs of each of our clients.

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