Landscaping Ideas To Reduce Water Usage

Smart landscaping is about more than just how the final product looks. You want a landscaping design scheme that will both meet the practical needs of your family according to how you want to use your yard and provide your South Carolina home with visual appeal for years to come. Another factor to consider when you are planning your landscaping is the environmental component, perhaps choosing plants and other elements that will reduce your water usage and minimize waste.

Thankfully, you can create a design scheme that is beautiful while also being practical. There are several landscaping trends that will allow you to reduce the amount of water required to keep your yard healthy and beautiful. Some of these environmentally friendly options available to you include:

  • Reduce turf: It is possible to reduce water usage by simply reducing the amount of turf used. Instead of large areas of grass, consider larger mulch or rock beds, or the incorporation of alternate ground cover options.
  • Irrigation upkeep: Replacing old irrigation, repairing leaks or installing more efficient watering systems can help you save money by helping you use less water to keep your yard healthy.
  • Lowmaintenance plants – There are certain types of plants that require lower amounts of water to stay healthy. Consider including these in some areas of your landscape design.

If creating an environmentally healthy landscape design plan is your goal, the experienced team at Pinestraw Place, Landscape Supply can help. Our team can evaluate your yard, discuss your goals and help you choose plants, grass and other elements that will help you reduce the total amount of water you use. Contact our office to schedule a time to meet with a member of our team who can provide you with insight, guidance and practical advice regarding the best landscaping choices for your yard.

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