Wide Blade Zoysia (Palisades)

Wide Blade Zoysia sod showcases broad, lush blades and dense growth, suppressing weeds, conserving water, and enduring foot traffic. Its vibrant appeal enhances landscapes with ease of maintenance.

Thin Blade Zoysia

Thin Blade Zoysia sod features slender, fine-textured blades and dense growth, offering weed suppression, drought tolerance, and moderate foot traffic resistance. Its elegant appearance enhances landscapes with minimal maintenance


Centipede sod boasts fine-textured blades and low growth, ideal for low-maintenance lawns. Thriving in acidic soils, it resists pests and diseases, requiring minimal water and fertilizer. Its light green hue enhances landscapes, while moderate foot traffic tolerance ensures durability.

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Bermuda 419

Bermuda sod features fine-textured blades and aggressive growth, making it perfect for high-traffic areas. Its deep root system ensures drought resistance, while its rapid spreading helps it recover quickly from damage. With minimal maintenance needs and excellent heat tolerance, Bermuda sod is a popular choice for vibrant, resilient lawns.

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Delivery is also available!!

Delivery is available for 1 to 15 pallets under a single delivery fee if space is still available for the requested delivery date. Sod deliveries are conducted Wednesday - Friday as they fit within the weeks schedule. Please contact the office for all inquires of Sod