Stand Out With Your Landscaping Ideas

Many South Carolina homeowners focus on the interior of their homes when considering ways to implement unique design ideas. An accent wall, unique paint colors and other similar features are ways you can make your house uniquely yours, but it is important not to overlook how you can do this with the exterior of your home as well. By implementing specific landscaping choices, you can make your home stand out from the rest.

At Pinestraw Place – Landscape Supply, our team can help you make choices that catch the eye and increase the curb appeal of your home. A few simple choices and changes can add value to your home, increase beauty and distinguish your house from others around you. The options available to you depend on your yard and other factors, but some of the options available to you may include:

  • Consider appropriate spacing when putting in new plants. Group colorful or different plants together to differentiate space.
  • Instead of implementing all right angles, consider sloping and curved lines to add interest to garden beds.
  • Choose plants that are multifunctional and that bloom at different times of the year to add visual interest in all months.
  • Be strategic about where to plant your annuals. Grouping them together can create a dramatic visual focal point.
  • Include a seating area in your yard, or consider adding water features to draw the eye to certain parts of the yard.
  • Scale your landscaping features appropriately, using color, height and other details to create drama, appeal and beauty in different areas of the yard.

Landscaping is a simple way to change the entire exterior look of your yard without paint or other hardscape elements. If you would like to incorporate unique features and create a stunning yard using unique ideas and beautiful plants, we can help. Contact our office to set up a time to meet with a member of our team and discuss your landscaping goals.

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