The Best Shrubs To Add Visual Appeal

Like many South Carolina homeowners, you may be looking to add some new visual elements to the exterior of your home. There are various projects that you may want to complete now that the weather is nicer and summer is fast approaching, and one of these may include changing some of the landscaping elements in your yard. With a few small changes, you can increase visual interest, add color and improve the overall look of your home.

Shrubs and different plants are relatively simple and cost-effective ways to improve your yard and house. However, it’s important to choose plants that will look right with your current landscaping, as well as plants that are appropriate for your yard, natural light, soil type and more. Depending on your yard, the following shrubs may be good options for you:

  • Nerium oleander – This plant can be used to create beautiful flowering hedges that can grow as high as 18 feet. This shrub is relatively easy to grow, drought resistant and heat tolerant.
  • Euonymus fortunei – This green shrub can reach heights as much as six feet, and it is a good choice for a privacy hedge. The colors of this plant can range from golden green to silvery to bold green.
  • Viburnum davidii – This shrub adds visual appeal year-round, including blooming flowers in the spring. They can thrive in many different types of soils, and they can also grow in shaded areas. 
  • Pyracantha – This is a shrub you can train to grow against a wall. These are tough and thorny, and grow brightly colored berries at certain times of the year. This shrub also produces white flowers in early summer.

If you are considering additional landscaping for your yard, contact our team at Pinestraw Place – Landscape Supply. Our experienced team members can evaluate your yard and determine which shrubs will be best for your property and budget. Call our office today to schedule an in-person meeting.

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