What Questions Should You Ask Your Landscaper?

Hiring a professional landscaping company is a significant investment, and it is a decision that you should carefully consider before moving forward. At Pinestraw Place – Landscape Supply, our team is ready to work alongside you to create best possible plan to make your yard beautiful and enjoyable for your entire family. We understand this is an important choice, and we want you to feel comfortable with your selection of our experienced landscape design team and crews.

Before you sign on the dotted line, we believe you should have the opportunity to know exactly how we can help and what we can offer you that other landscaping companies cannot. In our initial meeting, we invite you to ask as many questions as you want, and we will carefully explain how we can apply our extensive knowledge and practical experience to create a stunning visual effect for your property. Some of the questions you may find useful include:

  • Where do you source the plants, trees and shrubs that you will use in the landscaping scheme?
  • What maintenance will be required for the final product, and do you have service plans?
  • What are the fees and charges I can expect at every step of the landscaping process?
  • How can you incorporate my design ideas and implement them in the final product?
  • What is the general timeline I can expect in my project, and what happens if there is an unexpected setback or problem along the way?
  • Will we use mature plants, and if not, how long until we can expect them to reach maturity?
  • Can you construct structures, such as a Windsor wall, to add appeal to my landscaping project?

Asking questions can help you feel confident that you have made the right choice in working with Pinestraw Place – Landscape Supply. We take pride in client satisfaction and high-quality results, and we are ready to evaluate your yard to determine the best approach for your unique project. If you would like additional information about how our South Carolina landscaping company can help you, contact our office to schedule an appointment. 

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